General Introduction

Research Center for Tropical Bees and Beekeeping (RCTBB) was established following the President’s Decision of Hanoi University of Agriculture (HUA) on April 8th, 2013, currently renamed to Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA).
RCTBB has function and missions including scientific research, undergraduate/ post-graduation training about bee area, experimental producing honey bee products, beekeeping equipment; transferring technical process of beekeeping, training beekeepers and providing and apiculture services.
Up to now, RCTBB has carried out many scientific research projects of the Department of Science and Technology of provinces and cities as well as VNUA research projects. Among these, projects of  Ha Noi city have been accepted with excellent results. RCTBB also transferred successfully the beekeeping techniques for Cambodian beekeepers; artificial insemination technique for Indonesian beekeepers; beekeeping techniques, beehive managing, preventing and controlling honey bee pests, harvesting and processing honey bee products for many provinces and cities such as Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Son La, Hoa Binh Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Phu Tho, Bac Giang, Hung Yen, Quang Ninh, Nghe An, Quang Binh, Ha Noi, Hai Phong… From 2016 to 2018, RCTBB has collaborated with the National Agricultural Extension Center and Agricultural Extension Centers in the provinces of Son La, Hoa Binh, Phu Tho, Yen Bai, and Lao Cai to train beekeeping techniques, to provide beehives for building a model of high-quality beekeeping. Currently, RCTBB is the transferring agency of National Project belonging to rural mountainous program about “Beekeeping to Produce Goods for Exportation” in some provinces: Hoa Binh, Hung Yen and Ha Noi city.
In terms of production and business, RCTBB had received a contract to supply beekeeping business with A. mellifera breeding queens valued one billion VND during two years 2014 and 2016. Annually, RCTBB provided hundreds of breeding queen, thousands of beehives of Apis mellifera and Apis cerana for beekeepers.
During the training sessions, national and international students of RCTBB were practicing beekeeping subjects,  preventing and controlling pest and honeybee-breeding.
Regarding personnel training, currently, RCTBB has postgraduate students in the USA and a master’s student in Korea. Every year, RCTBB greeted the experts, scholars, trainees, students, and beekeepers from different countries such as the US, South Korea, Japan, Belarus… to learn and to exchange experiences about beekeeping and bee-breeding, beekeeping for harvesting honey in honey suppers.
RCTBB had written a chapter of Beekeeping in Vietnam in the Asian Beekeeping in the 21st Century book, Springer Publishing, 2018. Additionally, RCTBB edited the Beekeeping manual in 2014, training documents, beekeeping technical brochures in 2017 and 2018 for beekeepers. Besides, RCTBB has a private Website with thousands of visitors.
Over the years, the experienced team of RCTBB combined with the facilities and scientific achievements of VNUA, RCTBB has successfully applied advanced beekeeping techniques into apiculture in different areas in Vietnam. Moreover, various types of business services have been well developed, that exploited accordingly natural resources and contributed to develop agricultural and rural programs as well as to protect the natural environment.

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